and he is now HOME!!
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The Kid!!Tyler Troy Burdett
Born: Friday, November 12th, 2004 at 8:12 AM
Place: Ogden Regional Hospital, Ogden, UT
Weight: 7lbs
Length: 19 Inches

Pictures 11/12/04 Morning
Pictures 11/12/04 9:28 PM
Pictures 11/13/04 2:09 PM
Pictures 11/14/04 9:16 PM
Pictures 11/16/04 4:15 PM
Pictures 11/17/04 4:28 PM
All of Tylers pictures and videos can be found at http://stuff.burdett.us Username: tyler Password: pictures

11/17/04 4:02 PM
Tyler is HOME!!
After the doctor saw him and found out how good he has been over night he said he could go home!!
Mom and dad frantically ran to the store to buy some clothes (because we completly forgot that he had to have clothes...) and we brought our little Tyler to his new home.
We weren't home very long when Eric and Jordan came home from school and saw him and got to hold him for the very first time. They were pretty excited!!
Thank you ALL for your help, support, love and prayers!
We really are gratefull for everything everyone has done for us!!

11/16/04 4:18 PM
Tyler is doing GREAT!!
He is digesting his food very well. He is also sucking down the bottles of milk in record time. Both mom and dad have been able to feed him! That is way cool!!
He is in the normal crib and is holding his body temperature.
If he continues to improve throughout the night the doctor said he might be able to come home tomorrow! We are keeping our fingers crossed!!
11/16/04 10:00 AM
Tyler is doing very good! This morning they took him off Oxygen completely and he is breathing all on his own.
He is still eating good and they are working him up to a full feeding of 36ml. He is currently at 18ml. We will hopefully start to bottle feed him sometime today. If he continues to do well with the breathing thing, they should put him in an open crib today to make sure he can hold his own body heat. If all goes well, we hope to have him home this weekend.
Diane is getting kicked out of the hospital this afternoon so the thousand trips a day to the hospital will start soon. She is doing very good!!
We are very excited for him and he is very cute! He even looks better without all the tubes and everything all over his body.
11/15/04 3:31 PM
After the doctor examined him around 12:00 PM, this afternoon, the doctor took Tyler off of the Respirator. He is breathing very well and Mom and Dad finally got to hold him!! Now it's on to digesting food. I think the "Tyler Dairy" (mom) is putting out way too much cream in the milk..... Anyway, if he starts to digest the food a little better, hopefully tomorrow he will be in a normal crib, still in the NICU, but in a normal bed. Yea!!!

11/14/04 9:17 PM
Tyler is hanging in there. The X-Ray this morning showed good improvements from yesterday on his lungs. If all goes well and he continues to improve, they will try to take him of the respirator tomorrow. They are starting to turn down the respirator and Oxygen and letting him do most of the work.
Diane is getting around fairly good, especially for two days after surgery. She just wants to take her baby home!!
11/13/04 9:15 PM
Tyler wasn't making any progress in the astronaut hood (Oxygen Tent) and was still laboring too much to breath so the doctor took another X-Ray and determined that it would be much better if he let a respirator help his breathing. At about 3:30 PM this afternoon, they put Tyler on a Respirator and gave him additional medicine to help his lungs expand as well as some medication to help him sleep and to be comfortable. He is still breathing on his own, however the respirator is helping him out. They will take another X-Ray of his lungs tomorrow morning to see how everything is going. We met with the doctor for quite a while this evening and he is sure that by Monday or Tuesday we should see some major improvements in both his lungs and his respitory rate.

11/13/04 1:00 PM
Diane is doing great. She is free from all the tubes she was hooked up to and is able to get around much better.
Tyler is about the same as he was last night. They took another X-Ray of his lungs this morning and found that there is a small hole in one of the lungs, that's why he is not improving as well as expected. They have made him an Astronaut (see latest pictures) so he can breath more Oxygen to help his lung heal.
The doctor is very optimistic that he will out of the NICU Monday or Tuesday and be a perfectly healthy baby boy!!
We are very excited for that and I know two brothers who are just dying to hold him!!
11/12/04 9:19 PM
Tyler is doing better. His Blood Ox level is great and the medicine is starting to take affect in his lungs. He is VERY cute and we can't wait until we get to have him in the room and let his two very anxious brothers hold and play with him.
11/12/04 6:00 PM
Diane got to see and hold our new baby boy.
The doctors have put some medicine in the babies lungs to help them expand and develope. He is doing good and is expected to fully recover.
After holding the baby for a while... Diane and I have decided on a name: Tyler Troy Burdett.
11/12/04 2:30 PM Mother is doing good. Resting the most she has rested in about 6 months.
The baby is currently in NICU. His blood oxygen level was a little low, and his lungs are a little underdeveloped, but he is expected to recover fine. He is expected to only be in NICU for a couple of days.
Since he is in NICU, Diane has not been able to hold him and therefore we have not decided on a name yet. I think he looks like a Tyler, but Diane has to hold him and see him before a decision can be made.

Thank you all for all your prayers, love, & support!! We really appreciate everything!!

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